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Mark Lovejoy Photography / Interview

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Absztrakt formában érkező öröm a szemeknek & a műalkotások mögött álló művész: interjú Mark Lovejoy-jal 


Abstract pleasure for the eyes & the artist behind the masterpieces:
interview with Mark Lovejoy


—Your photographs have very special characteristics. Which technique do you use to create them?
The images are macro photographs of mixes of commercial printing inks.

—Who or what has the hugest impact on your work?
As the son of a geologist I have spent years looking at topographies & landforms. I think  many of my images reflect the influence of that geologic background.  I love color, light & texture.   I love painters & painting – Van Gogh, Hopper, Basquiat, Pollock, Kandinsky to name only a few of my favorites. I have of course been immensely influenced by abstract expressionism.

 —I am aware of my question’s unanswerableness, but I’d like to know your opinion. What is art?
I’ll refer you to 3  quotes from my tumblr:

        “All questions are scientific, spiritual, moral or aesthetic. Spiritual questions have no answer. Scientific questions seek one answer. Moral questions     seek one answer but by their nature must entertain some degree of ambiguity. Aesthetic questions have more than one answer and no answer is right or wrong.”  — The Pedagogy

         “The question is … what would you see if you didn’t know what you are supposed to see?”  — The Pedogogy

        “It’s just a crazy picture.  Who can tell you what that’s about?”

—Have you ever been being educated about art, or you just learned by yourself?
Completely self taught.

 —Besides visual art what else inspires you?
Sensuality in all it’s forms inspires & infuses my work.

—Final question: what impressed you the most recently?
Last week a friend (who does not have a lot of money) very generously offered to give me $1,000.00 to help me finance my accessories project.


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